Day Before Colonoscopy Diet

Building a Better Tolerated Bowel Prep Regimen: Managing Dietary Restrictions

Note: Patients unable to comply with dietary restrictions. Patients can have nonfibrous breakfast and lunch the day before procedure with certain preps.

List of Nonfibrous or Low-Residue Diet

Bread/Starches: White bread, rolls, or biscuit, white rice or noodles, plain crackers, skinless cooked potato
Meat: Skinless chicken or turkey; fish or seafood
Fruit: Applesauce, ripe banana, soft honeydew or cantaloupe, canned fruit w/seeds or skin
Vegetables: Cooked or canned vegetables w/o seeds such as green beans, carrots, potatoes
Desserts: Vanilla wafers, sherbet, animal crackers
Other: Eggs, chicken noodle soup without vegetables, margarine, mayonnaise, mustard; all items included on clear liquid diet.

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