Cedar Grove, NJ

Vitaly A. Fishbein MD

Vitaly A. Fishbein MD

Dr. Vitaly Fishbein is board certified in gastroenterology serving the greater Cedar Grove, NJ area. He completed his fellowship at Georgetown University and National Institute of Health. Dr. Fishbein authored and co-authored research on management of patients with Zollinger Ellison syndrome and idiopathic hypersecretory state. He has staff and admitting privileges at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Dr. Fishbein performs comprehensive cancer screenings for colon cancer and Barrett’s esophagus to patients from the Cedar Grove, NJ area. He performs quality colonoscopy using high definition optical colonoscopy, narrow band imaging to identify early flat lesions in the right colon which could be missed during routine colonoscopy. In difficult cases we use a Water Immersion Colonoscopy technique to complete procedures which decrease pain and sedation amount for patients. We have more then 95% success in reaching the cecum, and most of our Cedar Grove, NJ patients are clean and fully satisfied with this procedure.

Dr. Fishbein has a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction including intractable constipation and rectal incontinence, using rectal manometry, biofeedback, rectal ultrasound, Sitzmark study and behavior modification. His office has unique, New Jersey, esophageal and rectal motility lab with full range of sophisticated equipment including 48 hr PH Bravo, high resolution manometry.

Dr. Fishbein collaborates with top-rated laparoscopic surgeons in the tri-state metropolitan area who perform Nissen fundoplication for management of the Gastroesophageal reflux with full range of preoperative work up required for successful outcome of surgery. He provides expert opinion for management of the difficult cases of Acid, Non acid and Laryngopharyngeal reflux by optimizing therapy with PPI inhibitors by using on demand therapy, or by taking patient off this medication when their role is questionable therefore preventing complication of long term therapy by utilizing 48 hr PH measurements.

Dr. Fishbein has significant experience in treatment of Hepatitis C, using combination therapy in complicated cases, utilizing viral kinetics and genetics in management of patients to decrease or prolong when necessary the length of therapy.

He provides treatment of complicated internal hemorrhoids with use of INFRARED therapy, and rubber band ligation of internal hemorrhoids, utilizing both endoscopic technique and use of novel method of rubber band ligation with CRH O’Regan disposable system.

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An Integrative Approach

Dr. Fishbein has unique experience using Videocapsule endoscopy PillCAM for diagnostic evaluation of patients with chronic anemia, obscure GI bleeding, Crohn’s disease and small bowel tumors. He collaborats with Vuespan diagnostics services for expert reading of complicated cases. Dr. Fishbein performed and read more then 1000 cases of video capsule which gives him unique expertise in this field.

He has significant experience in treating complicating cases of Inflammatory bowel disease with early use of biologic and immunosupresive therapy for his patients from Cedar Grove, NJ.

Dr. Fishbein closely collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry and leading academic centers in the country by participating in ongoing clinical trials in both phase 2 , 3 as well as post marketing clinical trials. He had been a principal investigator in more then 20 clinical trials.