Smart Pill

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GI Monitoring System

SmartPill is an ingestible, wireless capsule that measures pressure, pH and temperature as it transits the GI tract. This information is used to provide regional transit times including gastric emptying time, small bowel transit time, colonic transit time, combined small/large bowel transit time, whole gut transit time, pressure contraction patterns from the antrum and duodenum and motility indices.

Administered in the physician’s office, the SmartPill test is completely ambulatory and allows the patient to go about their normal routine during the course of the test. As the SmartPill Capsule passes through the GI tract, it transmits data to a SmartPill Data Receiver worn by the patient. Once the single-use capsule has passed from the body, the patient returns the data receiver to the Physician who then can download the collected data to a PC. The Physician then uses SmartPill’s MotiliGI software to display and analyze the data, providing the physician with test results in both graphical and report formats.

The SmartPill Wireless Motility Capsule
The SmartPill Capsule transits the intestines by peristalsis, or the normal rhythmic contraction of the intestinal muscles, and is capable of transmitting data continuously for at least five days. The single-use capsule is excreted naturally from the body, usually within a day or two.

SmartPill Data Receiver & Docking Station
The battery-operated SmartPill Data Receiver collects and stores the test data. The Receiver is capable of transmitting data for real-time monitoring of a test. It also stores a complete record of the data captured by the SmartPill Capsule for download to a PC after the test is complete.
The SmartPill Data Receiver must be worn by the patient for the duration of the test on a belt clip or a lanyard around their neck. The data receiver may be removed for sleeping or bathing but should be kept in close proximity at all times.
After completion of the test, the SmartPill Data Receiver is connected to the system computer using the SmartPill Docking Station. The docking station features an industry standard USB type 2.0 interface that is used to transfer captured data to the PC for analysis and data reconstruction using SmartPill’s MotiliGI software. The data analysis can be performed at the convenience of the physician in a single session or during multiple sessions without the need for the patient to be present.

SmartPill MotiliGI Software
SmartPill MotiliGI software comes pre-installed on the system PC and provides an graphical user interface. MotiliGI receives and processes data from the SmartPill Data Receiver, stores the data in a file on the system PC, provides a test summary and report, graphs for display purposes, and shows the data values captured during the SmartPill test. MotiliGI provides powerful data analysis tools, and affords the user a variety of test reporting and exporting options.

System Computer
The SmartPill GI Monitoring System is supplied with a personal computer which hosts MotiliGI software and supports communication between MotiliGI and the data receiver and docking station.

SmartPill Activation Fixture
The activation fixture contains very powerful magnets and is used to activate and deactivate the SmartPill Capsule.