PillCam ESO

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PillCam ESO

Now in its second-generation, PillCam ESO is a high performance capsule with advanced optics and Automatic Light Control for optimal image quality and illumination. Published clinical data support the use of PillCam ESO for visualizing the esophagus.

PillCam ESO 2 video capsules measure 11mm x 26mm and weighs less than four grams. They contain an imaging device and light source at both ends of the video capsule and take up to 18 images per second as it passes down the esophagus.

PillCam ESO was initially cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in November 2004 and provides a time-efficient and patient-friendly method for visualization of the esophagus.

How the Procedure Works
Capsule endoscopy with PillCam ESO can be performed in less than 30 minutes, and the results can be quickly interpreted.

Patients typically fast for two hours prior to undergoing the PillCam ESO procedure. Upon arriving the physician’s office, you will be instructed in a Simplified Ingestion Procedure (SIP). While standing, you will first drink 100 mL of water. You will then be asked to lie on your right side, swallow the PillCam ESO video capsule and take one sip of water every thirty second for seven minutes. After seven minutes, the nurse will instruct you to sit upright, drink another sip of water and wait for thirty seconds. The PillCam passes naturally with a bowel movement usually within twenty-four hours.

Upon completion of the procedure, images are downloaded from the accompanying DataRecorder for physician review.