Injection Treatment For Incontinence

How can Solesta help?

Get control with a visit to your doctor

Solesta is a treatment for accidental bowel leakage, also known as fecal incontinence. Fecal incontinence is more common than you may think. Unfortunately, millions of people suffer every day from accidents and leaks. But Solesta can help. It is given in your doctor’s office and is proven to help reduce accidents.

Solesta is for people who have not had relief from

– Changes in diet
– Exercise
– Drugs that soften the stool
– Drugs meant to slow down the digestive process

How does Solesta work?

Solesta is a gel that is given through 4 injections into the wall of the anal canal. It helps give you more control by bulking up the tissue in the anal canal. The injections do not usually cause pain and anesthesia is not necessary.

Solesta is composed of naturally made materials called dextranomer and sodium hyaluronate. The gel is similar to the natural starches, sugars, and tissue in your body.

Treatment with Solesta

A quick, nonsurgical outpatient procedure

– The Solesta treatment procedure is done in your doctor’s office and takes about 10 minutes
– No anesthesia is required
– You may resume limited physical activity immediately after the procedure
– You can resume most physical activities after 1 week
– Solesta may begin working soon after the procedure, with optimal results at 3 months for many patients
– The effectiveness of Solesta continues over time. Solesta was shown to be effective in patients for 2 years, and patients’ results are still being followed for a 3-year period
– The most common risks of treatment with SOLESTA in the clinical study were
– Mild or moderate pain or discomfort in the rectum or anus
– Minor to moderate bleeding or spotting from the rectum following treatment
– Fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or constipation (experienced by some patients after treatment)

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