Anyone can get a hernia. Hernias occur when there is a weakness in the abdominal wall and a piece of the intestine or other tissue slips through, often creating a noticeable lump.

Often hernias occur after overexertion, such as lifting heavy objects or playing sports, but they also can develop after a simple cough or sneeze. Some areas of the body, such as the groin and the umbilicus, are prone to hernias because of natural weaknesses in these areas. Some develop slowly over months or years, while others appear suddenly.

Most hernias cause feelings of pressure and discomfort, and some are quite painful. Occasionally, hernias may cause dangerous conditions that require immediate surgery. Some hernias look as though they go away when you lie down or gently push on them, but this is temporary. Most hernias grow over time. The only cure for a hernia is surgery.

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